‘Tis the Season: Show Your Support for Farmington Schools

We're in the midst of the holiday season here in Farmington and Farmington Hills! ‘Tis the season for shopping, falling snow and delicious treats. It's also the season of giving. While our students are counting down the days until winter break, you can be thinking about how to help them hit the ground running when they return.

A great way to do that is by donating to the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation. The nonprofit organization fosters investment in innovative educational opportunities to benefit the students of Farmington Public Schools, with a particular focus on supporting efforts in technology, scholastic achievement, the arts and extracurricular achievement.

Here are some reasons why we hope you’ll consider FFHEF in your year-end giving:

Not a donation, but an investment 

Donating to educational foundations like FFHEF isn’t just charitable giving—it’s an investment in our community's future. Creating smart, engaged students will not only improve our future economy, but also make our community a better place to live. If you still live here, or your children or grandchildren attend our schools, your donation is a great investment.

Foster unique experiences

Donations to our foundation help students gain unique experiences and discover new interests. With the right tools and resources, students can develop a passion for music production, architecture, design and more. Some of the enrichment programs FFHEF has funded include the Math Pentathalon, the First Lego League and humanities-focused activities. Imagine if you’d had that when you were in school!

A little bit goes a long way

Although some fundraising goals may seem lofty, you don’t need to fund an entire project yourself. One study found that as little as $20 extra per student can make a huge difference in their educational experience. 

Show your gratitude

Giving to FFHEF is a way of saying thank you for everything you gained from your time here. You had a rewarding, memorable experience in school that shaped who you are today. Pay it forward by helping students experience what you did—and then some.

Donations are tax-deductible

If the other reasons aren’t tugging at your heartstrings, remember that donations to charitable organizations like FFHEF are tax-deductible. If you itemize your deductions, you can generally deduct up to 60 percent of your adjusted gross income. Make sure to get those contributions in before the end of the year if you want to see benefits next spring. 

We know you will see plenty of requests for donations during the holiday season. While all are surely worth your time, money and resources, we hope you’ll also consider a donation to the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation in your year-end giving. You can also add FFHEF as your designated charity on Amazon Smile, so your holiday shopping does double duty!

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year, Farmington Public Schools Alumni! We can’t wait to see you in 2020.

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