6 Things We Love About Farmington Public Schools

As a proud FPS Alumni, you know there are so many things to love about our schools and community. While we enjoy the benefits of a strong public school district every day, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on what makes our schools so special. 

If we could write a love letter to the Farmington Public Schools community, here are some of our favorite things that we would praise.

The students

A school would be nothing without its bright, eager students. We were once students at Farmington schools, and know just how special it is to receive an education here. We’re grateful for the experiences students have shared across the generations. More importantly, we’re excited to see the new opportunities our current students are exploring!

The teachers, administrators and staff

Teachers are the heart of our schools. They dedicate their careers and their lives to ensuring generations of young students are excited about learning and prepared for adulthood. Staff are critical to ensuring that teachers and students alike are supported in their learning. Administrators make the big decisions that keep our schools and district moving forward.

The volunteers

Students, teachers and staff have an important job to do, but volunteers help because they want to join our mission. Community service is a central tenet of our district's values and embodies the FPS spirit. We’re so grateful to those who choose to spend their time in classrooms, on campus, on the field and organizing events. So many of our favorite activities could not happen without volunteers! 

The teams

Who doesn’t love cheering on their favorite teams? Our student-athletes bring us so much pride on and off the field. Whether they are crushing our rivals, making us proud as college athletes or taking their skills all the way to the top of their game, we’re grateful that they represent us so well.

Our Alumni

We may be biased, but FPS alumni are the best! We’re always so happy to see alumni from across the decades show their continued pride for our schools. Whether it’s planning class reunions or cheering hard at homecoming, our alumni sure know how to show current students the true value of our community.

There are so many people, places and events that make our community special. Some of them helped shape our youth, while others arrived later to benefit younger alumni and students. No matter how far you are removed from the halls of Farmington schools, you can still show some love and say thank you for all those wonderful years.

5 Great Benefits of Mentoring for High School Students

When you serve as a mentor, you can pass on your knowledge, wisdom and advice to students as they learn and grow. More than that, it also allows you to give back to the educational institution that helped you get to where you are today. It speaks volumes about your character and can even help you grow and develop as a leader and professional.

Mentorship is something that’s valuable both ways. More than the good feeling you get from teaching and encouraging someone your junior, that individual is gaining access to a wealth of understanding and experience. Mentees often go on to do big things, thanks in part to the person who took time to be their mentor. They may even go on to become a mentor themselves—creating a legacy of giving back.

How mentoring benefits students

For students, having a mentor brings with it numerous, long-lasting benefits. Let’s take a look at five ways Farmington students benefit from mentorships:

  1. Valuable guidance: Students gain practical, applicable advice that might not be taught in the classroom, which can be applied throughout their personal and future professional lives. They’ll enter college or the job force a leg up on pure classroom learners.
  2. Meaningful relationships: Mentorship creates a bond that may benefit everything from professional networking to personal growth—especially at a pivotal time in a high school student’s life. A mentor is a guide for students facing uncertainty in their future and someone on whom they can rely. 
  3. Academic support: Mentees get one-on-one attention that helps them to better understand and retain information, while also connecting that knowledge to classroom lessons. They’ll benefit from more focused learning and a stronger grasp on content. 
  4. A path forward: Students get a better understanding of real-world expectations and applications, direct from someone who has experienced them firsthand. This necessary dose of reality will shape their understanding of the world outside the classroom.
  5. An accessible resource: Mentoring affords students access to a crucial resource for development that’s not hidden behind a financial barrier. For students unable to afford tutoring or those disadvantaged by a lack of available programs, mentoring is an incredibly valuable experience. 

For mentors, being able to pass along wisdom to a younger generation is a truly gratifying experience. We invite you to sign up as a volunteer and see for yourself the profound effect mentorship can have on a student.

‘Tis the Season: Show Your Support for Farmington Schools

We're in the midst of the holiday season here in Farmington and Farmington Hills! ‘Tis the season for shopping, falling snow and delicious treats. It's also the season of giving. While our students are counting down the days until winter break, you can be thinking about how to help them hit the ground running when they return.

A great way to do that is by donating to the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation. The nonprofit organization fosters investment in innovative educational opportunities to benefit the students of Farmington Public Schools, with a particular focus on supporting efforts in technology, scholastic achievement, the arts and extracurricular achievement.

Here are some reasons why we hope you’ll consider FFHEF in your year-end giving:

Not a donation, but an investment 

Donating to educational foundations like FFHEF isn’t just charitable giving—it’s an investment in our community's future. Creating smart, engaged students will not only improve our future economy, but also make our community a better place to live. If you still live here, or your children or grandchildren attend our schools, your donation is a great investment.

Foster unique experiences

Donations to our foundation help students gain unique experiences and discover new interests. With the right tools and resources, students can develop a passion for music production, architecture, design and more. Some of the enrichment programs FFHEF has funded include the Math Pentathalon, the First Lego League and humanities-focused activities. Imagine if you’d had that when you were in school!

A little bit goes a long way

Although some fundraising goals may seem lofty, you don’t need to fund an entire project yourself. One study found that as little as $20 extra per student can make a huge difference in their educational experience. 

Show your gratitude

Giving to FFHEF is a way of saying thank you for everything you gained from your time here. You had a rewarding, memorable experience in school that shaped who you are today. Pay it forward by helping students experience what you did—and then some.

Donations are tax-deductible

If the other reasons aren’t tugging at your heartstrings, remember that donations to charitable organizations like FFHEF are tax-deductible. If you itemize your deductions, you can generally deduct up to 60 percent of your adjusted gross income. Make sure to get those contributions in before the end of the year if you want to see benefits next spring. 

We know you will see plenty of requests for donations during the holiday season. While all are surely worth your time, money and resources, we hope you’ll also consider a donation to the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation in your year-end giving. You can also add FFHEF as your designated charity on Amazon Smile, so your holiday shopping does double duty!

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year, Farmington Public Schools Alumni! We can’t wait to see you in 2020.

FPS Alumni Association Offers a Place for Alumni, Supporters to Meet and Contribute

Those who have attended the Farmington Public Schools know that our school community is a special place. It means something to graduate from one of our high schools.

As an alumnus, you can make a big impact on the lives of current students by giving your time, talents or treasure. We need your help to ensure a bright future for the next generation of learners.

That is why we are so excited to launch a new digital community that will allow our alumni to stay engaged and up to date with all that's happening in our great school district. Through the community, alumni, supporters and friends will have regular access to news, mentor and volunteer opportunities, special events and an alumni directory.

FPS alumni and supporters can become association members through a donation that brings exclusive benefits—from alumni T-shirts and magnets to reserved parking and tickets for sporting and theater events. Donations also support the alumni association's activities, which directly benefit Farmington's current and future students.

Alumni and supporters may submit their names to the online directory and get information on class reunions, profiles of their fellow alumni and news on district initiatives and events. They also can learn more about how they can get involved and help support Farmington's current students.

This community empowers you, as an alumnus, to stay in touch with old friends and classmates, learn about volunteer opportunities and get regular updates on all the exciting things happening in Farmington schools.

While Farmington's schools have a rich history, we support the district's efforts to always seek ways to get better. We ask that you engage in these efforts and help ensure a lasting legacy for the school district and the students it serves—both now and in the future. We'll share more about how you can do just that in the weeks and months to come!

You are invited to take an online interest survey to provide feedback on the types of information that is valued within the FPS Alumni Association community. We are excited to get started and look forward to growing our relationship with all who are invested in the continued success of our schools, students and community.

Why Should You Stay Involved with Your Alma Mater?

If you're like most people, you may not have the tightest connection with your high school alma mater. It's typical for graduates to go out into the world, heading off to college, trade school, the workforce or the armed forces. It’s the beginning of adult life.

As time goes on, we tend to lose a strong sense of connection with the schools we attended in our formative years. But more than any yearbook, class ring or Facebook group, staying engaged and involved with your alma mater is a great way to keep that connection—and even help out current students in meaningful ways.

Even if you are someone who put considerable distance between your high school and your current life, you can still stay involved. And, a good place to start is by joining the FPS Alumni Association.

New Association to Connect, Engage Alumni, Supporters

In an effort to connect and engage Farmington Public School alumni and friends, a foundation is launching a new FPS Alumni Association and seeking input through a survey.

The FPS Alumni Association, created by the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation, will keep alumni, supporters and community members connected through a searchable directory, online community, regular news updates, events and potential other services such as volunteering and mentoring opportunities.

Farmington Public School alumni and supporters can sign up to stay in touch through the association's regular communications. They can become association members through a donation that brings exclusive benefits from alumni T-shirts and magnets to reserved parking and tickets for sporting and theater events. Donations also support the alumni association's activities, which directly benefit Farmington's current and future students.

"We are very excited to move ahead with this new alumni association designed specifically for the people who have made our school district and community such a wonderful place over the years," said Name, Title of the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation. 

"We are proud of the fact that so many of our alumni continue to support our schools' current students in so many meaningful ways. We look forward to having some great conversations and increasing our level of engagement with our alumni in the months and years to come."

Alumni and supporters may submit their names to the online directory and get information on class reunions, profiles of their fellow alumni and news on district initiatives and events. They also can also learn more about how they can get involved and help Farmington's current students. 

The Education Foundation is releasing a community interest survey asking alumni and community members to share their thoughts on what information and services they would like to see from the new Alumni Association. 

To take the short survey, please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FPSalum