How You Can Be an Advocate for Your Alma Mater

Many alumni like to find ways to stay connected to their alma mater after graduating high school. Some might wish to even engage in advocacy on behalf of their former school or district, seeking ways to support programs, educational initiatives, fundraisers and referendums. 

While taking an active role as an advocate for public schools is understandably not for everyone, school districts are also more likely to thrive when there is a strong, supportive advocacy group comprising community members and alumni. So if you’re looking to take on a more active role in advocating for your alma mater, here are some of the ways you can step up.

  • Join your alumni network: Getting involved with your alumni network is one of the easiest ways for you to learn about various opportunities to support your alma mater, including volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, events and important educational issues and programs. Consider joining the Farmington Public Schools Alumni Association to stay connected!
  • Donate: If you’re capable of doing so, consider making a donation to your former school district or an educational foundation set up to support it. You might donate to specific causes or initiatives, or simply make an  unrestricted donation that your alma mater can use for any purpose. Public schools frequently are underfunded, and every donation can help make a big difference.
  • Vote: If you still live in Farmington, you will be able to vote on school board members and any referendum issues put on local ballots. This gives you a direct way to impact the future of the district and its schools.
  • Contact board members: Consider writing letters to school board members or administration when important issues arise, so you can advocate for a particular position and lend your support when the district is in need. In many cases, community and alumni support can make for some significant leverage when board members must make decisions. You can even speak in person during open school board sessions, if you are comfortable doing so.
  • Write local publications: You can also write letters to local newspapers and publications, expressing your support for the district and its educational initiatives. This is especially helpful when the public is preparing to vote on a referendum, and the issue needs additional advocates from outside the district itself.
  • Show school spirit: Finally, on a bit of a lighter note, you can be an advocate for your alma mater simply by displaying your school spirit, even long after your time in Menasha schools comes to an end. Purchase FPS apparel and memorabilia, proudly display school colors, and make it clear you are proud to be an FPS alum. This kind of pride is contagious, and proud alumni are more likely to become advocates themselves!

Want some more specific tips on how you can support your alma mater? Contact the FPS Alumni Association today.


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