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    Why Should You Stay Involved with Your Alma Mater?

    If you're like most people, you may not have the tightest connection with your high school alma mater. It's typical for graduates to go out into the world, heading off to college, trade school, the workforce or the armed forces. It’s the beginning of adult life. As time goes on, we tend to lose a strong sense of connection with the schools we attended in our formative years. But more than any yearbook, class ring or Facebook group, staying engaged and involved with your alma mater is a great way to keep that connection—and even help out current students in meaningful ways. Even if you are someone who put considerable distance between your high school and your current life, you can still stay involved. And, a good place to start is by joining the FPS Alumni Association.
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    New Association to Connect, Engage Alumni, Supporters

    In an effort to connect and engage Farmington Public School alumni and friends, a foundation is launching a new FPS Alumni Association and seeking input through a survey. The FPS Alumni Association, created by the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation, will keep alumni, supporters and community members connected through a searchable directory, online community, regular news updates, events and potential other services such as volunteering and mentoring opportunities. Farmington Public School alumni and supporters can sign up to stay in touch through the association's regular communications. They can become association members through a donation that brings exclusive benefits from alumni T-shirts and magnets to reserved parking and tickets for sporting and theater events. Donations also support the alumni association's activities, which directly benefit Farmington's current and future students. "We are very excited to move ahead with this new alumni association designed specifically for the people who have made our school district and community such a wonderful place over the years," said Name, Title of the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation.  "We are proud of the fact that so many of our alumni continue to support our schools' current students in so many meaningful ways. We look forward to having some great conversations and increasing our level of engagement with our alumni in the months and years to come." Alumni and supporters may submit their names to the online directory and get information on class reunions, profiles of their fellow alumni and news on district initiatives and events. They also can also learn more about how they can get involved and help Farmington's current students.  The Education Foundation is releasing a community interest survey asking alumni and community members to share their thoughts on what information and services they would like to see from the new Alumni Association.  To take the short survey, please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FPSalum. 
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